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Trainings overview

Our mission at Deptford Soccer Association (DSA) is to provide a dynamic and inclusive environment for Travel soccer players to thrive both on and off the field. We are committed to fostering a passion for the game while instilling essential life skills, sportsmanship, and a strong sense of community.



Ignite the goalkeeping prowess in your young soccer star with our Goalkeeper Training Program! We understand that goalkeepers play a pivotal role on the field, and our specialized program is designed to nurture their skills and elevate their game.

Coach Julie provides targeted training sessions that focus on crucial aspects such as positioning, reflexes, shot-stopping techniques, and distribution. The program not only hones technical abilities but also instills confidence and strategic decision-making in young goalkeepers.

With a curriculum tailored to their unique needs, our goal is to mold the next generation of soccer heroes between the posts. Join our Goalkeeper Training Program and watch as your child dives into success, stopping shots with precision and commanding the field like never before!

Speed and conditioning


Elevate your youth soccer game to new heights with our Speed and Conditioning Program designed exclusively for young athletes! At our program, we understand the unique needs of budding soccer stars, and we've crafted a training regimen that focuses on enhancing speed, agility, and overall conditioning.

Coach Larry will provide a fun and motivating environment where young players not only build crucial physical skills but also develop a love for fitness and a strong sense of teamwork. Larry’s program is tailored to unleash the full potential of every youth soccer enthusiast.

Get an advantage on the field with our Speed and Conditioning Program – where a passion for soccer meets the power of athletic excellence!

One on one Training


Empower your young soccer enthusiast with personal training by our SDS Staff. Tailored for budding talents, our training sessions are designed to nurture individual skills, build confidence, and instill a love for the game. Our dedicated trainers provide personalized attention to each player, focusing on fundamental skill development, tactical understanding, and fostering a positive mindset on the field.

Whether your child is just starting or aiming to refine their existing skills, our program ensures that every session is a step towards unlocking their full potential.

If interested in personal training; one on one or smaller group trainings, and an enriching experience where every dribble, pass, and goal bring your child closer to becoming a soccer standout send an email to

Rec ID training


Kickstart your child's soccer journey with enthusiasm and skill at our Recreation Youth Soccer ID Clinic! Tailored for young players seeking a blend of enjoyment and skill enhancement, our clinic is the ultimate platform to ignite a passion for the beautiful game.

Led by experienced coaches, our program caters to players of all levels, focusing on developing fundamental skills, teamwork, and fostering a lifelong love for soccer. Through engaging activities and age-appropriate drills, we create an atmosphere that is both fun and educational, allowing kids to explore their potential on the field.

Our Recreation soccer ID Clinic is not just about soccer skills; it's about building friendships, confidence, and a strong foundation for a future of soccer enjoyment. Join us, where every goal, laugh, and learning moment is a step toward a fulfilling soccer experience for your child!

Our goal is to find those players that are advancing or interested in playing in a higher level and have the potential to play in our Futures Program.

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